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Weekly Open Yoga Classes...

Mondays 11-12noon Gentle Hatha Yoga at The Cow Shed Studio, Hammes Farm, Steyning. £10 drop in or the equivalent of £8 a class if you sign up for a half term. No class on Monday 25th February - we re-commence on 4th March.

Fridays 1-2pm Gentle Hatha Yoga at The Chapel, High Street, Billingshurst. £10 drop in or the equivalent of £8 a class if you sign up for a half term. No class on Friday 9th November. No class on Friday 22nd February- we re-commence on 1st March.

Future dates for your diary...

Saturday 23rd March 10am-1pm

Saturday 11th May 10am-1pm

Booking for these workshops will open closer to the time.

Meditation and Reflections on A Course In Miracles, Thursday 28th February 7.15-8.30pm at The Chapel, Billingshurst

A Course In Miracles is a spiritual and psychological text with the core belief that in any given moment we are in one of two states, love or fear.


The ‘course’ is set out in three parts, the text, the daily lessons and the manual for teachers. According to the text ‘this is a required course’. I take that to mean that the themes in it are the themes we all encounter and strive to understand- love, loss, fear, anger, abundance, lack, forgiveness, closed heartedness, jealousy, hatred, exuberance, peace- to name just a few. The course uses traditional Christian language but is not affiliated with any religion or belief system. I have been a student of the course for seven years and fall back on its principles as a way of understanding my own limiting beliefs, behaviours and thoughts and how to overcome them.


On Thursday 28th February I invite you to join me as we focus on the very first daily lesson in A Course In Miracles. Our reflections and discussions will be around this line, ‘Nothing I see…means anything.’


We will practice at least two meditation on this theme and talk as a group about the ways in which we have attributed meaning to everything we see. It is from this place that we can begin to recognise how much of our inner world and what we have perhaps come to call ‘reality’ is self-constructed.

Akin to all serious spiritual and psychological paths there is no end to the course, every year we pass though the same lesson with (we hope) deeper understanding. No matter your experience with the course, beginner or seasoned student, there is value in visiting this material if you are called to.

I will also be offering ongoing support to anyone who is committing to practice the daily lessons of the course consistently in 2019.

This session will take place at The Chapel, Unitarian Church Hall, Billingshurst, RH14 9QS.

It's £10 for the evening which includes tea and coffee and notes to take home if you wish. To book you place please click below

If you are unable to attend for any reason I will be able to refund you if it's possible to find someone to take your space.


I'm a Yoga Teacher and Interfaith Minister based in West Sussex. I run regular classes, workshops and retreats and offer personalised ceremonies to couples and individuals of all faiths and none as they pass through the important milestones of life.

If you'd like to read about my Interfaith Ministry work please click here...Ceremonies

I also run Conscious Pregnancy Yoga workshop in association with Total Therapy in Horsham to read more about this click here...Pregnancy Yoga

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Emerge and Refresh- a yoga and meditation workshop on the energies of spring, our personal power and confidence

Saturday 23rd March 10am-1pm at The Cow Shed Studio, Hammes Farm, Steyning 

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? Or here’s an even better question, what can’t you NOT do, even if you fail?

Confidence is a word we hear often but experience has taught me that feeling truly confident has little to do with anyone else. For example, I can be confident that I’m going to get this information to you but I can’t be confident that, 1) you’ll read it, 2) you’ll like it and 3) if you do, you’ll do anything about it. So why start a project or endeavour when you can’t be sure that anyone wants or needs it?

When it comes to following our deepest instincts and purpose, ‘If you build it, they will come,’ is the quote from ‘Field of Dreams,’ that you’ll often hear. Equally you can build it and they might come and they might not but you’ll certainly learn something along the way. Besides, you wouldn’t think much of yourself if you didn’t follow your own guidance and that’s the place where your confidence needs to be. If you want to have confidence you have to start taking your dreams and desires seriously.

So, let me ask you, where are you when it comes to stepping forward in to what you deep down know you need to do, where you need to be, who you need to connect with and what you need to let wither in order for you to be more of your authentic self?

I invite you to join me for a workshop based on this concept. Our yoga practice will focus on the solar plexus chakra (read on if you need to know what a chakra is) which is the power centre of our being. We’ll practice confidence boosting yoga poses and meditations to re-orientate our mind to a place of possibility and deliberate decision making.

If you feel called to come along please sign up below 

If you are unable to attend I will refund you if I am able to fill your place. 

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