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Weekly Open Yoga Classes...

Mondays 11-12noon Hatha Yoga at The Cow Shed Studio, Hammes Farm, Steyning. £10 drop in or the equivalent of £8 a class if you sign up for a half term. Class re-starts on Monday 13th January.

Thursday 12.45-1.45pm Hatha Yoga at Slinfold Village Hall, The Street, Slinfold, RH13 0RR. £10 drop in or the equivalent of £8 a class if you sign up for a half term. The last class of this term will be on Thursday 19th December and in 2020 it re-starts on Thursday 2nd January.

If you are a newcomer your first class is free!

I also run weekly classes for over 60s in Cranleigh on Wednesdays and Thursdays, if you'd like to know more email me at

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One off events...


I'm a Yoga Teacher and Interfaith Minister based in West Sussex. I run regular classes, workshops and retreats and offer personalised ceremonies to couples and individuals of all faiths and none as they pass through the important milestones of life.

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Yoga and Sound Morning, Saturday 25th January 10.15am-12noon at Slinfold Village Hall,The Street, Slinfold, Horsham RH13 0RR

We’ll begin with a meditation to centre ourselves and then I’ll lead you into a gentle, yin yoga practise where I’ll come around and apply gentle pressure to help you to relax and stretch a little deeper (with your permission). While this is happening Camilla will contribute with the sound of crystal bowls.

Then you can sink into a long relaxation period where you’ll hear gongs and therapeutic percussion such as the rain stick and shakers. Camilla describes her work beautifully

We’ll finish the evening with a grounding cup of tea and something sweet to eat.

It’s £25 including refreshments. Booking closes on Monday 20th January.

The booking for this event has now closed but if you'd like to come along it might be worth dropping me an email at to see if a space has become available. 

If you sign up for an event but are unable to attend I can refund you if I am able to find someone to take your place.

Yoga and Meditation Workshop on the element of air and the feminine archetype of ‘the queen’

Saturday 22nd February 10am-1pm at The Cow Shed Studio, Hammes Farm, Steyning

Have you ever wondered why when some people are eloquent and when they speak everyone listens?

Why they have a tendency to be able attract what they want and need?

And why they have a ‘drama free’ policy and can get things done, when others are failing?

I can tell you why. They have the power of the element of ‘air’ and they’re carrying a good dose queenly energy.  

I’d like to invite you on a journey through the elements and the four feminine archetypes

Air- the queen

Water- the girl

Fire- the lover

Earth- the landlady

Each of us has them all, but likely identify most with one or two. Whether queenly energy is your forte or new to you, this workshop is about understanding where you are welcoming and where you are suppressing the clear and erudite queenly energies in your conscious and sub-conscious mind.

In this workshop we’ll be focusing on yoga poses that increase our sense of power, poise and potency in our life. Whether you’d like to feel more empowered in speaking and living your truth, shedding unhelpful and negative people or situations in your life or just enjoy being in a space where you recognise your innate regal power and majesty this workshop is for you.

The yoga will be slow, deliberate but powerful, we’ll practise a range of breathing (pranayama) exercises that keep us centred and clear and focus on cultivating a sense of ease with our own power. Another topic that will receive some ‘air’ time will be boundaries; what we want in our realm and what we need to shout, ‘off with your head’ to!

It’s £35 for the morning which includes tea and cake.

Booking for this event has now closed.

If you sign up for an event but are unable to attend I can refund you if I am able to find someone to take your place.

If you'd like to get in touch you can do so at

You can also find me on facebook at 'Holistic Yoga with Alison Stoker'