'Self-care is more than brushing your hair and wiping the sleep from your eyes. Self-care is keeping your inner spark alive.'

See you on the mat? 

Hi I'm Alison, creator and teacher of Body Wisdom Yoga. I'm also an Interfaith Minister and voracious searcher of meaning, truth and peace.

I have been teaching yoga to students from 4 years old to 94 years old for thirteen years and without exception I have found their wisdom is always true.

As I’m sure you know ‘yoga’ is a very broad term so I wanted to let you know what my classes focus on

- mobility, strength and flexibility- I imagine you’re looking for a class that enhances your life and well-being not a class that prepares you for the life of a gymnast. So whilst I’ll always offer the opportunity to challenge yourself my classes tend to swerve the more difficult poses, or I adjust them so that everyone can do a version.  That said, if you’d like to wrap your leg around your head I’ll never stop you!

-good alignment and posture- the way we carry ourself affects our spine and our spine affects everything else in the body. If you want proof of this try sitting slouched for a minute and then straighten up your spine and sit tall for a minute- which makes your mind and body feel better?

-a connection to the deep peace and wisdom within- meditation is in every class I run. You don’t need any sort of ‘training ‘to meditate- peace and wisdom is your natural state- meditation is simply removing everything that’s in the way.

-freedom- I’m not the kind of teacher to come over and physically adjust students (even pre-covid). I will always help you if you’re struggling or you’re doing something that looks like it might injure you, but I believe that we find our own way in each pose because nobody knows your body and capabilities better than you do.

-kindness- there is no standard to meet in my classes- come however you are.