Alison Stoker- Interfaith Minister and Yoga Teacher

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I have heard the call for guided yoga and meditations that you can practise on your own. So whether you like to do a plank in your pyjamas or grab a slice of extra serenity on a sandy beach somewhere here are some of my creations that can help you...

While 'in-person' classes are closed I am also offering weekly yoga videos for adults and children. If you'd like to know more please email me at

Chakra Yoga with Alison Stoker-a 140 minute digital album

Join me for seven twenty-minute long yoga practices each dedicated to one of the seven chakras. Chakra work hones in on a specific area of the physical and energetic body and focuses on that place.

A journey through the chakras...

Ground and feel present through and the root chakra.

Play with your creativity and joy in the sacral chakra.

Honour your personal power and confidence in the solar plexus.

Connect to authenticity and compassion in the heart chakra.

Open to the deep truth and power of communication in the throat chakra.

Allow peace and clarity to be your baseline through the brow chakra.

Accept support and know oneness in the crown chakra. 

To get your copy of Chakra Yoga with Alison Stoker for £24.99 please click the buy now button...


Hatha Yoga for Every Mood & Season, an 80 minute digital album

A hatha yoga asana session for every state of mind and body...

Four 20 minute yoga practices themed to the seasons

Spring- a reviving practice to build physical strength. Mentally and emotionally this session encourages a positive shift towards opening up to and allowing what we need in our lives. 

Summer- an energising set of yoga poses to motivate and stimulate you physically while burning off any excess mental or emotional energy. 

Autumn- this practice boosts your immune system and flushes out toxins. The mental and emotional focus is on letting go and finding balance. 

Winter- letting your weight and gravity do the work this session is all about opting out of effort which frees your mind to float off into a deep meditative state. 

To receive a digital download please click the 'buy now' button and you'll receive the digital files and an information booklet in PDF form for just £12.99.

Meditate- four 15 minute guided meditations 

Clear Blue Sky Meditation
-a meditation for rising above your thoughts

The Sacred Pause Meditation
-a meditation for slowing down and focus

The Inner Temple Meditation
-a meditation for retreat and revival

Golden Light Meditation
-a meditation for giving and receiving healing

If you'd like a meditation companion these four 15 minute long sessions are a great way to get started, bring a little bit of diversity to your existing practice or they can be something you fall back on when you know your mind is too pre-occupied to go it alone. 

For £9.99 you will receive four digital MP3 downloads and an accompanying information booklet. Just click on the 'buy now' button.

Or if you prefer a physical CD, they are £12.99. I have very few left but drop me a line at and I'll save you one.

If you'd like to get in touch you can do so at

You can also find me on facebook at 'Holistic Yoga with Alison Stoker'