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'Because the only thing better than going to a yoga class is doing yoga in your pyjamas!' 

Serene Sleep, five ten- to fifteen-minute-long guided MP3 tracks to send you off.

The tracks include...

A free Introduction track-here I'll tell you everything I know about preparing for good quality rest.

A Journey to Sleep- a meditation to take your mind away from thoughts and towards a dream-like state.

Exhale the Day- a breath-work and meditation session to release your burdens and embrace deep rest.

Night, Night Yoga Nidra- a mindful yoga nidra session for sleep.

Matron’s Magical Slumber Secret- hand mudras that alter your brainwaves, ready for rest.

Box Breathing for Yogis, Navy Seals and Sleep- this breathing technique is used far and wide to calm the mind and nervous system.

Even if you sleep like a baby these tracks are a beneficial way to wind down from the day and prepare you for high quality shut-eye. For £20 these five tracks (and a free introduction track) are yours to download and doze off to!

Hatha Yoga for Every Mood & Season, an 80 minute digital album

A hatha yoga asana session for every state of mind and body...

Four 20 minute yoga practices themed to the seasons

Spring- a reviving practice to build physical strength. Mentally and emotionally this session encourages a positive shift towards opening up to and allowing what we need in our lives. 

Summer- an energising set of yoga poses to motivate and stimulate you physically while burning off any excess mental or emotional energy. 

Autumn- this practice boosts your immune system and flushes out toxins. The mental and emotional focus is on letting go and finding balance. 

Winter- letting your weight and gravity do the work this session is all about opting out of effort which frees your mind to float off into a deep meditative state. 

To receive a digital download please click the 'buy now' button and you'll receive the digital files and an information booklet in PDF form for just £20.

Meditate- four 15 minute guided meditations 

Clear Blue Sky Meditation
-a meditation for rising above your thoughts

The Sacred Pause Meditation
-a meditation for slowing down and focus

The Inner Temple Meditation
-a meditation for retreat and revival

Golden Light Meditation
-a meditation for giving and receiving healing

If you'd like a meditation companion these four 15 minute long sessions are a great way to get started, bring a little bit of diversity to your existing practice or they can be something you fall back on when you know your mind is too pre-occupied to go it alone. 

For £15 you will receive four digital MP3 downloads and an accompanying information booklet. Just click on the 'buy now' button.

'Or how about some yoga in your garden? On a beach? Or hiding from your children in a large cupboard?'