Ceremonies and Rites of Passage...Baby Blessings, Coming of Age Ceremonies, Weddings

and Funerals


Ceremonies mark the important milestones and turning points in our lives. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to our hopes, dreams, accomplishments and experiences, and many of us wish our ceremonies to reflect this too.

Ceremony exists to support us through conscious transition and change. This support extends to our families and close ones. Whether it’s a naming ceremony, coming of age, wedding blessing, funeral or service of remembrance, each of us has the right to be the starting point of it’s creation.


It is my privilege to form a unique and individual ceremony to honour that which matters to you and speaks of your intentions and beliefs. Your input is the inspiration from which the ceremony will evolve, and I offer my support throughout the process.

I became an Interfaith Minister because I have always been a 'spiritual' seeker. I've come to realise that there are many of us for whom there are no specific building, religion or tradition that we can call our spiritual home, that's it's something less tangible than that and highly individual. 


Because of the individual nature of the process costs and arrangements are varied. I offer a free half an hour face to face initial consultation (within West Sussex, outside of this area I charge travel expenses) and I’m happy to answer any of your questions and enquiries over the phone or via email.   


Spiritual Counselling Services...

What is Spiritual Counselling? Spiritual counselling is a talking therapy where we work to side step the mind's judgments and stories and clear the way for deeper truth to shine through.


Who comes to Spiritual counselling? Spiritual counselling appeals to people for a range of reasons. Sometimes because there are past events or grief that needs re-visiting in a safe and confidential environment. Often as a result of events in the present that are proving challenging, or because there is anxiety about the future- very often these three states (an unholy trinity!) come together. Sometimes people come with a less obvious sense of unease, a dissatisfaction, unnamed grief or pain, and sometimes because of a desire for greater meaning, a seeking of the soul's true purpose.


What happens in a session? Each spiritual counselling session begins with a moment of reflection; a meditation, a prayer, a moment of silence (how we open is a collaborative process and depends on what you are comfortable with and what you feel best supports you at the time).Spiritual counselling sessions are a space in which to explore whatever is true for you in any given moment. When we consciously invite a higher power (our soul, spirit, the great mystery, the universe, God- whatever your terminology) to come forth we are given what we need to feel, hear, see, do and/or know.

You can get in touch with me at alison.stoker@gmail.com and if you are interested in staying in touch, I send out a weekly email full of inspiration, spiritual practices and reflections. To be kept in the loop Just head over the yoga page and fill in the sign up form. 

'We are all just walking each other home.' Ram Dass